For the numbers that are hard to work with.
For the numbers that are hard to work with. 

                                 ACCOUNTANTS + ADVISORS + INCOME TAX


You cannot manage what you cannot see, and if accounting records and numbers aren't organized correctly, the result is inaccurate business decisions. We can keep your numbers in order. 


You're working in your busiiness every single day. Let our Advisors keep an eye on your business, whether it's special projects or daily needs. 


Do more than just prepare your tax return. Invest into proactively planning for the long term and minimize the overall tax burden on your family and/or business.

At PrimeNumbers, we don't charge for conversation. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we believe it’s our job to listen first. Then get to work. In the simplest of terms, we offer accountingadvisory and income tax services. But, we know those numbers aren’t simple. So for the numbers that are hard to work with, you can count on us. 


Our team provides personalized service. Seriously, just ask our clients. Want accounting excellence and above-average results? We’re your people. We continually evaluate opportunities to drive growth and offer value-added services. This active involvement with you differentiates PrimeNumbers from other accounting services.  Your vision, coupled with our insights will help enhance growth, avoid financial pitfalls and reduce costs amidst the ever-changing economic conditions.


We offer value-based pricing, which means all rates are based upon the level of value needed to provide our accounting, advising or tax services. PrimeNumbers is your 'go-to' for any professional guidance you may need. You can call us your Virtual CFO, financial friend, your tax teammate, advisor in action, because we are all those things. 

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