For the numbers that are hard to work with.
For the numbers that are hard to work with. 

Our Values


pro·ac·tive making something happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.

Bottom line, we have learned from all kinds of situations, because we work with all types of clients. Our team is forward thinking and makes every effort to help you plan and protect what you work so hard for—your money.



thor-ough performed or written with great care and completeness.

We don’t just say we go above and beyond; we do it. There is no stone left unturned, no ‘i’ without a dot and no ‘t’ left uncrossed. Does that help give you a good handle on how detailed we are? We sure hope so!



un·con·ven·tion·al not conforming to what is generally done or believed.

We take a different path and we’re good with it. So are our clients. Some people think that CPAs lack creativity. We beg to differ. Our team works hard to challenge the status quo or play it safe.



pos·i·tive good, affirmative, or constructive quality or attribute.

When you walk through our doors, expect good vibes only. Our team is professional and outgoing, even if we have pocket protectors (kidding!), and our office space is classy and uncluttered.   


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3175 Sienna Drive South Ste 101
Fargo, ND 58104


Phone: 701-356-7531 701-356-7531
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