For the numbers that are hard to work with.
For the numbers that are hard to work with. 

Virtual CFO

Hiring a CFO means a salary and benefits, which can be off the charts when paying for knowledge and experience. Plus, your business may not be at the level yet. That’s where we step in and become your Virtual CFO. This program offers many benefits that help guide your business to a place of financial success.


Opportunity Cost: allows us to focus on what we do best and allows you to focus on what you do best. We take a short window of opportunity to interact with your business leaders and convert numbers to words for the non-accounting related mind. This helps the business owner understand and take action.


Internal Controls: the comfort of knowing that an adequate and qualified professional organization is overseeing, protecting and constantly improving all financial aspects of your business.


Numbers People: simplify the number of parties that business owners need to interact with, whether it relates to banking, insurance, analytics, payroll, income tax, accounting, legal etc. Not only can we convert numbers to words for you to understand, we can act as the liaison or go-getter to make sure that all necessary items are completed and acted upon with outside parties of the business.


Business Partner: rather than invest in more overhead and real estate to house additional staff, coupled with the high cost of hiring an individual with the expertise to act as the CFO, businesses can partner with our Virtual CFO to handle the many various facets of what is required to run a successful business and all of the logistics that happen behind the front door.


Avoid Financial Pitfalls: invest in making sure that sound and proactive business decisions are being made. Understanding the potential risks of each decision and how it impacts the strategic direction of the organization can avoid the surprise that can sometimes leads businesses into a pit.



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